Thanksgiving reflections

Reflections for Thanksgiving worship service, November 26, 2017
Glennon Heights Mennonite Church
Betsy Headrick McCrae
For this we are grateful
I imagine that as many of you gathered around the table for your Thanksgiving
feast this past Thursday, somebody asked, “What are you thankful for?” I hope that
primed the pump because I’m going to be asking us that same question this morning.
What are we thankful for? What is it that makes our hearts sing with gratitude to God?
As I thought about this I decided to look back at what has happened in our church
community this past year. That, my friends, is an exercise well worth doing. It left me
feeling really good. There is much here for which I am very grateful. Too much to list in
comprehensive detail, but here are some of the highlights:
I am so very grateful for Brenda, Leta and Bruce who directed and accompanied
our choirs for the Hanging of the Greens and Easter. They and many others contribute so
much to our music throughout the year. I want to emphasize especially the gift that Leta
gives us as she plays the piano for so many things. Pay attention at this year’s Hanging
of the Greens. She’ll really be getting a work-out. Thank you, thank you, Leta, Brenda,
Bruce, the instrumental group and all our musicians.
I am grateful for our congregational leadership, in particular for Jeff, our church
chairperson, who has done what might seem impossible: He has made congregational
business meetings fun! And for Audrey, our church treasurer, whose careful attention to
detail keeps us financially on track. I am grateful for all our team leaders and now also
for the Transition Team which is well on its way to finding a new pastor. There is strong
ownership in this congregation of this congregation. Praise be to God!
I am grateful for healing and good medical care. Debbie survived a heart attack,
thank God. Corrine got her portable oxygen concentrator this past year and she’s able to
be with us again. Jody underwent onerous cancer treatments and appendicitis and has
survived. Virginia had successful hip replacement surgery. Doris didn’t end up with
pneumonia and is doing well, though still limited in what she can do and were she can go.
Ruth’s blood clots seem to be dissolving. And Sam is no longer on hospice – that’s a
miracle! We give thanks to God.
And there is so much more: Good Sunday School teachers, faithful participation
in our Family Promise rotations, 115 backpacks collected for the Second Chance Center,
four active friendship groups, Don Ruth’s Bible study, our youth going to Mennonite
Church USA Convention, the faithful response group which met last spring, the
bipolar/depression support group which meets faithfully twice a month, our children’s
offerings, the church garden and Tyler’s willingness to provide leadership, new people
joining us for worship. For this and more, we are grateful. Thanks be to God!
So, now it’s your turn. What are you thankful for? For what do you give God
thanks and praise?

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